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"Hi Rene, Thanks very much. I'm very honored to be listed with those great players. You've done a lot of work, it looks good."
~ Bill Reichenbach
Bass trombonist, Los Angeles ..more

"Trombone Page of the World is the best place for the trombonist"
~ Bob McChesney
Performer, studio musician, author of the trombone method "Doodle Studies and Etudes" ..more

Thanks a lot René! - Keep up the great work! ~ Bill Watrous ..more

Your website is nothing short of fabulous! Thanks for all you do for trombonists worldwide - much appreciated! ~ Jiggs Whigham ..more

Great Web page and a terrific resource for trombone players around the world, I appreciate all of the help for myself and all trombonists!
Andy Martin ..more

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