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Rules of the 2nd International "Antti Rissanen" Jazz Trombone Competition, Kotka 2008

1.The Antti Rissanen Jazz Trombone Competition is being arranged by the Kotka Jazz Association and the City of Kotka. The competition will be held on 6-7 August 2008 at the Cultural House "Laulumiesten talo".

2. The competition is open to slide trombonists of all nationalities born in 1978 or later.

3. The competition is held every third year.

4. A written application must be sent to the competition secretary by 31 May 2008.
The arrival date will be determined by the post stamp. Late entries can be accepted only by a decision of the jury.The address for registration is: Mrs Kaisa Rissanen, Gutzeitintie 21 B 22, 48100 Kotka, Finland.

5. The signed application must include the following:
- Your contact information (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address)
- A copy of your passport or some other official identification
- CV (Curriculum Vitae)
- Two photos
- A cassette, minidisc or CD recording (studio level not required) of Stella by Starlight (Victor Young) and one piece of your own choosing.

The maximum length of the recording is 12 minutes. The recording must include the following: names of pieces and musicians, and time and place of recording. The tunes can be performed as a solo or with the accompaniment of a play-along or live rhythm section.

6. The maximum number of competitors is 12. In case of more than 12 entrants, the jury will decide qualification based on registrations and recordings received. Entrants will receive written note of their qualification by 15 June 2008.

7. Travel and accommodation costs are to be paid by the competitors. The competition location has a meal facility. For accommodation possibilities, please contact the secretary of the competition, Mrs Kaisa Rissanen. (See contact information below.)

8. Performance order will be decided by allotment on 6 August 2008 at 10.00 in the Cultural House "Laulumiesten Talo". All competitors must be personally present or represented by another person with a proxy. Performance order will remain the same through the whole competition.

9. The competition will be in three parts: the first round from recordings (max. 12 chosen), and preliminary and final rounds, which will both be public. Competitors will be accompanied by a piano trio (piano, bass and drums). Before each part of the competition, competitors will have a chance to practice with the trio for 45 minutes. The practice order will be the same as the competition order. Competitors can also be accompanied by their own musicians, in which case costs are to be paid by the competitor.

10. Preliminary (6 August)The compulsory tune to be played in the preliminary competition is Stella by Starlight (Victor Young). The other two tunes (of which one should be a ballad) can be selected by the competitor. The maximum length of the performance will be 15 minutes.

11. Final (7 August) Max. of 6 competitors will make it to the final. A compulsory tune to be played in the final is a new piece composed by Antti Rissanen. Other tunes will be selected by competitor. The maximum length of the final performance will be 20 minutes. The music chart of the new compulsory piece will be sent by 15 June 2008 together with qualification approval to all participants.

12. The Kotka Jazz Association will form the jury, which will be led by Antti Rissanen.

13. Prizes 1st prize will be 2000€ and a Miraphone Jazz Trombone, 2nd prize 1500€ and 3rd prize 1000€. The jury withholds the right to change the amount and number of prizes. Winners will be published and prizes given immediately after the final is over on the 7th of August.

14. The winner cannot participate in the next competition that will be held in three years time.

15. The competition organisation has an unlimited right to broadcast, record, video record, televise (not for commercial use), photograph or film competition performances without any compensation.

16. These rules were originally published in Finnish. Any disputes will be resolved by the jury and based on the rules in Finnish.

Contest dates: Preliminary 6 August, final 7 August 2008

Contact Secretary of the competition:
Mrs Kaisa Rissanen, Gutzeitintie 21 B 22, 48100 Kotka, Finland
Tel. +358503535190, e-mail:

Address of the Cultural House "Laulumiesten talo":
Korkeavuorenkatu 11, 48100 in Kotka, Finland.

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