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TESTIMONIALS - For my Site: Trombone Page of the World

Dear René - To say the least, I am flattered and honored to be included in such an all
encompassing list. I would like to compliment you on a very impressive web site!
Thank you kindly!

Your Big Band CD is a real blast. Great arrangements! Outstanding ensemble sync! Brilliant feature trombone solos. In the last few days I have listened to this great CD. Very innovative arrangements. Inspired Big Band performances, with excellent Big Band "sync".

Congratulations to you René, you should be proud of this very successful project.
Many thanks for sharing.

J.J. Johnson

"Thanks for all you are doing for the trombone world. Keep up the great work!!! "
~ Donald Waldrop

"Raise your glasses"
~ Kevin Quail
Chicago area jazz trombonist

"Dear René, this web site is the very best of all the trombone pages, your ability as a web master constantly astonishes me. You put a lot of thought and talent into your pages, and it really shows!" -
I knew long ago, when you first started "Absolute Trombone" that you would become a center of information and resources from all over the world. And now you are. All the best players come to you for information, and you are in touch with all the trombone players in the world, either directly or indirectly. Quite a wonderful accomplishment.
~ Cliff Stark
[retired] lead trombonist, Las Vegas

"Your website is very good!! Thank you for the prominent, beautiful page you've given me on your site! People are telling me about it!"
~ David Taylor

"Trombone Page of the World is a wonderful mechanism for keeping in touch with all facets of trombone happenings."
~ Rob Queisser
Bellingham/Seattle, WA free-lance trombonist, teacher, arranger

"What a great resource for trombonists!"
~ Brett Stamps
Freelance trombonist, jazz educator, composer, arranger, clinician and adjudicator throughout the country

"I have with great pleasure realized that I´m listed at your trombone page. What an honour! "
~ Niels-Ole Bo Johansen
Ass. Prof. and Head of the Orchestral Department at The Royal Academy of Music, Århus. Denmark

"Nice site, thanks for doing it. I've had several people find me on it that I'd lost touch with. "
~ David Horger

"I like your website very much, and have found your directory of trombonists to be a very valuable resource."
~ Bob Bernotas
Trombonist/jazz journalist specializing in trombone-related subjects, Brooklyn, NY

"Your website is nothing short of fabulous! The information, layouts, and cross references are very creative and extremely useful for us all. I feel very honored to be a part of this "Labor of Love". Thanks for all you do for trombonists worldwide - much appreciated!"
~ Jiggs Whigham

"Your extensive site comes in handy in many ways, your work is much appreciated! "
~ Ralph Bigelow
Director of Bones West From 1983-2002.

"Keep it up!"
~ Raymond Horton
Bass Trombonist and Euphoniumist with the Louisville Orchestra since 1971, also a composer, arranger and church musician.

"Thanks for the great site. Keep up the good work."
~ Dean McCarty
Freelance Trombonist, Houston, Texas Arranger/Copyist

"Congratulations on a fine web site, I'm proud to be there!"
~ Roger Oyster
Principal Trombonist with the Kansas City Symphony

"What a great service to God's instrument!"
~ Keith R. Smith
31 year professional educator, 37 year freelancer

"Trombone Page of the World is without question the most comprehensive trombone website I have seen. Everything you could possibly want is under one roof at this great site. From the beginner to the most accomplished professional, this is the site you need to visit on a regular basis."
~ Michael Davis
Trombonist-composer, hailed as one of today’s premier instrumentalists

"I find this web site to be a great way for trombonists to find other trombonists from all over the world, and from all styles of music."
~ Linda Landis
Jazz trombonist, educator, vocalist

"A great resource!"
~ David Manson
Trombonist, composer, improvisor, presenter and music technologist

"I think you've done an excellent job and I like it very much. It's easily the most comprehensive 'bone site on the web. It's an amazing resource for the needs of students and professionals. Congratulations! "
~ Robin Eubanks

"Thank you for the service you provide!"
~ Leonard Neidhold
Principal Trombone, Reno Philharmonic Orchestra

"The site looks great!"
~ Tony Baker
Faculty member at the University of North Texas College of Music

"Great Web Site!"
~ Ben Van Dijk
Bass Trombonist, Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra

"What a great website for trombonists!"
~ Gregory Pate
Orange County, CA Trombonist

"Well done René - excellent idea."
~ Peter Younghusband

"Thanks a lot René - Keep up the great work!"
~ Bill Watrous

"The organization is Fantastic!"
~ Josh Holcomb
New York Trombonist, Bassist, Arranger

"Very lovely and good-looking place! "
~ Bob Brookmeyer

"Excellent service. I am impressed!"
~ Greg Waits
D/FW area composer/bandleader/trombonist

"Amazing, this site just keeps getting bigger and BETTER. Thanks for your continued support and hard work. It's great to be able to keep informed and in touch with the Trombone Universe. "
~ Dan Gottshall
Jazz & Lead Trombonist

"This is the best site going for trombonists and enthusiasts. Through this site and Rene Laanen I have discovered more trombone CDs and general info than I ever imagined!!"
~ Carl Querfurth
Providence Rhode Island trombonist, arranger and producer.

"Hi Rene, "Cheers" to your work! Thanks for getting the "Trombone Community" together!!! "
~ Hans-Heiner Bettinger

"This is the best trombone page I've ever seen. Great to look at and intelligently laid out. Congratulations and many thanks!"
~ Rob Stoneback
Leader, trombonist, and principal arranger for the Rob Stoneback Big Band.

"I look forward to exploring your site and using it's resources. Thank you!"
~ Cary Sheley
trombonist, band leader, composer, arranger

"Your trombone information list is great ! - Thanks for the great work you're doing "
~ Robert Kehle
Principal trombonist, Springfield, Missouri Symphony Orchestra, Professor of music, Pittsburg State University

"Bravo on the trombone directory! Your help will be appreciated."
~ Tom Ervin
University of Arizona, Resource Library Committee - ITA

"Thanks for all you do! "
~ Richard Lopez
Jazz Trombonist, Olympia, WA

"Wonderful site, thank you Trombone-USA!"
~ Jean-Mathieu Royer
Montreal's region tenor and bass trombonist, tubist, arranger, compositor and conductor.

"Congratulations on the new website. It looks wonderful. I can’t imagine how much work it’s been to put such a project on."
~ William Carn
Leads the William Carn Quintet, featuring some of Canada's finest musicians.

"Dear René, Thanks for all your good work. It is invaluable! I would like to thank you for your incredible effort on behalf of us all. Your foresight and ingenuity has been an inspiration."
~ Mark Lusk
Professor of Trombone, Pennsylvania State University School of Music

"René - What a great page you have furnished to and for the trombone world. Congratulations! "
~ John Marcellus
Professor of Trombone at the Eastman School, leader the Eastman Trombone Choir

"What a great online environment to make the world a little bit smaller for trombonists! And what a great resource for the trombonists 'coming up' the ranks to learn about our wonderful craft....."
~ Brian Haapanen
Professional trombonist in Tulsa, OK orginally from the Seattle area. Active with the Ft. Smith Symphony, the Covenant Brass Quintet, the Signature Symphony, and freelance work

"I admire the quality and quantity of work involved in putting this site together. Congratulations!"
~ Jim Pugh

"Great Website! Lots of cool information! "
~ Michael Rinta
San Francisco trombonist, composer,arranger, studio muscian, road dog

"Anyone serious about playing a musical instrument must, of course, practice relentlessly. But they also should be aware of study materials, equipment, accessories and the musical achievements of other players on their instrument. Trombone-USA is the best place for the trombonist to find both the tried-and-true as well as the latest developments."
~ Bob McChesney
Performer, studio musician, author of the critically acclaimed trombone method "Doodle Studies and Etudes"

"Thanks for adding me to your website, lots of great trombone info there! "
~ Deborah Weisz

"I have been waiting for an all encompassing trombone web site for years just like this one!!! Congrats on a GREAT job! "
~ Michael Winger
Trombonist, Arranger, Musical Director and Manager

"Congratulations on an excellent (and very thorough!) web site!"
~ Phil Arnold
(was a featured soloist with Woody Shaw, Dizzy Gillespie, the Gil Evans Orchestra)

"Thanks for what you do for the trombone!"
~ Bill Allred

"This is a great site, thanks!"
~ Larry Zalkind
Principal Trombonist, The Utah Symphony

"This is one of my favorite sites online. To be able to read about all of the great trombonists throughout history is an absolute joy."
~ Noah Bellamy

"Thanks for the great site! It's nice to have such a wealth of trombone knowledge at your fingertips! "
~ Robynn Amy
Trombonist, arranger, educator

"This is a fantastic site for bringing trombonists together! We are a dying breed!"
~ Mark Stotzer
Northern California jazz trombone and freelance

"I think that this is a wonderfull site, CONGRATULATIONS!"
~ Javier Colomer
Bass and Contrabass Trombonist, Alicante, Spain

"Very interesting how has come together. Congratulations to you Rene. Thanks again for including me and for the great way you have put my listing together! "
~ Arch Martin
Kansas City, MO

"The page looks great!"
~ Julie Josephson

"What a wonderful resource!"
~ Kirk Lundbeck
Chicagoland freelance professional trombonist and instructor

"The new site looks GREAT! This is absolutely the best site to keep up on all the trombonists in the world and stay in contact with friends and colleagues."
~ Carl Posch
Professor of Instrumental Music at Arizona Western College in Yuma, AZ

"I really enjoy all of the great content on your website. Keep up the great work!"
~ Andre Hayward

"Congratulations on your great Trombone-USA site René! - Much appreciated."
~ Phil Ranelin

"The new site is beautifully done, and I really appreciated your periodic updates about happennings in the world of trombone playing."
~ Scott Kyle

"Thanks for making all this trombone info. available to us!"
~ Marta Hofacre
Professor of Trombone, The University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS

"Rene, Keep up the great and important work! "
~ Edward Partyka
European based Bass-Trombonist, Tubist, Composer, Arranger and Big Band Leader.

"Great Site Rene"
~ David Rothschild

"This is a terrific website, and I have reconnected with many friends and colleagues from the distant, and not-so-distant, past!"
~ Ronald Howard
Atlanta GA US trombonist, freelance; middle/high school band-orches tra director; adjunct college professor of music; book reviewer.

"You should be commended on the incredible work that you have put together!"
~ Bill Broughton

"I thought my web site was terrific until I saw yours. Beautiful job!"
~ Felix Mayerhofer
Trombonist and author of "Diary of a Young Musician" by Xlibris & Airleaf.

"Your Web Page is incredible ! - It is a superb list of outstanding artists"
~ Irvin Karan
Freelance trombonist, New York

"An impressive and tremendous web page!"
~ Ozzie Melendez

"I have just found your site and find it a wealth of information for trombonists."
~ Michael Burgess
accomplished big band lead trombonist and jazz soloist

"Hi Rene, Thanks very much. I'm very honored to be listed with those great players. You've done a lot of work, it looks good."
~ Bill Reichenbach
Bass trombonist, Los Angeles

"What a fabulous source! I will let students and fellow professionals know about your service!"
~ James Decker
James T. Decker, Trombone Professor, Texas Tech University, Trombonist, High Plains Brass Consort, Britt Festival Orchestra, Honolulu Sympony Past Principal.

"Wonderful to be included with so many of the best. I'm honored."
~ Mic Gillette
California trombonist, trumpeteer, producer, writer, publisher, arranger, section leader, clinician, teacher.

"Great Job!"
~ Ian Polster
Trombonist Springfield Symp Orchestra, Prof Wittenberg University, Springfield, Ohio

"I am so excited about the brand new Trombone-USA website! At last, a universal 'all-in-one' website for all trombone professionals, students and enthusiasts. Congratulations and much thanks to Rene Laanen for all of his hard work and dedication to the promotion of this great instrument! Everyone please support this fantastic new resource by telling all of your friends about it."
~ Darren Kramer
Edwards Trombone Performing Artist, freelance trombonist, clinician and adjudicator throughout the country

"Thank you for providing such an extensive source of material that enraptures the world of trombone!"
~ Joseph Robida
New York and London trombonist of all styles, current freelance musician and student.

"I was super impressed with the Trombones online site. It offers a rich source of trombone info and is extremely organized. Great Job René!! "
~ Todd Murphy
Sao Paulo Bass Trombonist, Composer, Arranger and conductor. Works with many artists and written for D. Liebman, T. Nash

"WOW ! - nice job ! ! - I really enjoyed your considerable effort in setting up the trombone page! Thanks very much."
~ Phil Wilson

"Thanks for this service to trombonists"
~ Royce Lumpkin
Chairman of the music department at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte

"What a great service -- thank you Rene!"
~ Steven E. Schulz
Part-time trombonist in Austin, TX

"Thanks Rene for your good work!"
~ Alan Kaplan
Trombonist, Los Angeles

"What a great site and a wonderful idea! Trombone-USA just made our smaller music world very compact! I have already been in touch with long lost friends and acquaintances from over the years. Your site is fantastic!"
~ Anthony Mazzocchi
Professor of Trombone, Montclair State University, New York Trombonist, Low Brass Faculty Manhattan School of Music and Kinhaven Summer Music Festival

"Thanks for the great opportunity to be in contact with so many wonderful players."
~ Don Jordan
Semi-pro player in Melbourne, Australia. Bandleader of 3 jazz groups and brass quintet

"Many thanks for my continued inclusion on the website. I have had quite a few contacts from around the world from your website and as such it has proved to be invaluable."
~ Greg Van der Struik
Principal Trombone AOBO & initiator of the Trombonis Australis Project to develop new repertoire for brass.

"Dear Rene!, Great web site, thanks for your great work!"
~ Craig Hansford
Trombonist, Tiroler Symphonieorchester Innsbruck, Austria

"What a useful and enjoyable service. Among all instrumentalists in the world only Trombonists can boast this level of commeraderie and friendship! Congratulations!"
~ Eric Alexander
Atlanta trombonist, composer, studio musician

"A quite a professional service!"
~ John Shanks
Indiana University master's student, tenor and bass trombonist of all styles

"Congratulations on this fantastic site. I think it is incredible and I'm sure the trombone world is grateful!"
~ Rick Simerly
Jazz Trombonist, Tennessee

"A Great website for all things Trombone!!"
~ Bill Gingrich

"Nice work on the trombone page! - You should be congratulated !"
~ Thomas Matta
Freelance Bass Trombonist, Chicago

"Rene, you just do a wonderful work for Erik and Me on your site ! We are lucky to benefit of this great window over the trombone world ....A big thanks! "
~ Rene Hagmann

"What a wonderful source of presenting a golden opportunity of getting back in touch with friends of the past and present within our craft! Your opening bio on Sammy Nestico and the invitation to "e-mail" Sammy was just the push I needed to do just that! We all have reasons why we don't keep in touch...those excuses, more or less, are out the window now even if it's just to say hello and goodbye! Congratulations on your imitative to create this website! "
~ James Erdman
Principal trombone and soloist with "The President's Own" United States Marine Band, 1956-1976.

"Your site looks great! What a lot of work you have put into that. WOW !"
~ Ed Neumeister
Trombonist, Composer, Educator, Arranger

"I love the site and I was also excited to find my name among so many great players."
~ Jim McFalls
Professor of Jazz and Commercial Trombone at Towson University

"What a fantastic place to hang out on the net. Keep up the good work!!!"
~ Chris Fidler
Freelance British Trombonist based in Hamburg Germany.

"Great Site!"
~ Jim Lewis
Los Angeles Band Leader, trombonist, composer

"Thank you "Trombone-USA" for this great resource!!"
~ Craig Grubbs
Jazz Trombonist, Band Leader, Composer, Arranger.

"Thanks for the best trombone website on the internet!"
~ Mike Pittsley

"Thanks for your great resource. "
~ Gerard Carelli

"This is a great web site"
~ Joshua Brown
Bass Trombonist, El Paso, Texas

"What a wonderful resource !"
~ Scott Anderson
Associate Professor of Trombone at the University of Nebraska

"This is the best place to find information about trombonists from across the world! - Thank you for your wonderful website! "
~ Gerald Felker
Long Island, NY: music educator, freelance musician

"Visited your web site, we must say it is impressive !"
~ Norman Bolter
Trombonist, Boston Symphony Principal Trombonist, Boston Pops Composer in Residence, Air-ev Productions Co-Director, The Frequency Band

"Incredible! What a job of compiling this list of trombonists."
~ Randy Aldcroft

"Your site looks great! Thanks for including me"
~ Chris Washburne
Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology Director of the Louis Armstrong Jazz Performance Program N.Y.

"Thank you very much. As a trombonist who is also a web developer, I really like the new site. Great work! "
~ Bill Barbour
Jazz Improv (Sterling Heights, MI)

"Thanks very much Rene! The new site looks really great! "
~ Bjorn Samuelsson

"Trombone-USA is truly a great resource for trombonists of all ages! Keep up the great work!!"
~ Chris Dempsey
New York Trombonist, Composer, Educator

"I think this is a great list !"
~ James Biddlecome
NYC Ballet Orchestra, American Composer's Orchestra

"Impressive web site! - I am most impressed with the quality of what must surely be a gargantuan undertaking, even if one considers maintenance alone, your efforts represent an invaluable service to trombonists worldwide! "
~ Don Davis
Trombonist Portland Symphony, Oregon

"A great place to check out the masters, and meet some new ones"
~ Josh Brown

"This site is wonderful, I will certainly put a ink to your great site."
~ John Aram

"A great cross reference of old acquaintances and new ones."
~ Stephen Sinkey
Tri-state performer.(Arizona, Nevada, California)

"Fantastic site!"
~ Brent Phillips
Principal Trombonist, Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra and United States Marines Band

"Congratulations on putting together a most wonderful web page for trombonists throughout the world! It looks fabulous! Thank you so much for the hours of work that has been put into the site. I will visit it often."
~ David Finlayson
New York Philharmonic Orchestra

"To say the least, I am flattered and honored to be included in such an all encompassing list. I would like to compliment you on a very impressive Web site! - Thank you kindly! "
~ J.J. Johnson
Considered by many to be the finest jazz trombonist of all time

"I am honored to be included, your site looks great!"
~ Bill Tole
Free lance Trombonist, Los Angeles

"TrombonesOnline is a great site, full of useful information. I truly recommend it for every trombonist in the world, beginner as well as proffesional."
~ Tovy Meshoulam
Israeli freelance trombonist, composer, arranger, educator

"Outstanding job on this site!"
~ Gary Tole

"Nice web site!"
~ Eric Swanson
Bass trombonist, Dallas Opera Orchestra. Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas freelance trombonist, bass trombonist, tubist. Trombone clinician and teacher. Brass repair technician and customizer.

"Cool site! I think it is a great thing you're doing."
~ Ben Patterson

"The best place for info on today's, yesterday's and tomorrow's greatest trombone players. Thank you for supporting the trombone brotherhood!"
~ Mark Paquin
freelance trombonist, clinician, teacher and adjudicator throughout the world

"They got everybody here!!"
~ Johanna Mahmud
New York Jazz Trombonist, Band Leader, Composer, Arranger, Clinician

"Love the web site! Trombonist the world over appreciate your work."
~ Alex Iles
Saxophonist, composer, arranger and band leader of "The Big Phat Band"

"Cool site!"
~ Benjamin Perrier
One of Canada's finest young musicians, Ben has performed all across North America as a member of Foothills Brass and as KeyBrass.

"Thanks for a great source of information! "
~ Mark Patterson
New York trombonist, composer, arranger

~ John McDade
Trombonist, Brandon MS

"A great site that brings together anything you might want to know about trombones, trombonists and trombone music!"
~ Martin Hartog
Avid Amateur addicted to the trombone

"I think it is brilliant! What a great web site, it must help hundreds of people. Well done!"
~ Ian Davies
former basstrombone player in the English Northern Philharmonia Orchestra

"Fantastic! A gold mine of information!"
~ Douglas Beddow
Detroit R&B, Jazz, & Classical Trombonist, Band Leader, Composer, Arranger, Clinician

"Congratulations for your wonderful work!"
~ Brent Wallarab
Trombonist Cotton Club Revue

"I've been very pleased with your site, thanks again to have added me."
~ Jacques Mauger

"The best site for equipment, reviews and biographies not to mention a great way to network. Thanks all."
~ Al Conrad
NY trombonist, arranger, composer, arranger, freelance musician

"Your web site is quite well done!"
~ Stefan Sanders
Bass Trombone, Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra.

"I commend you on your web site. It is quite a valuable tool for us."
~ Douglas Wright
Principal Trombone Minnesota Orchestra, Minneapolis

"I think this is a great site!"
~ Robert Biddlecome
Bass trombonist of the New York City Ballet Orchestra and the American Composers Orchestra.

"Great website! Offers a wealth of information & contacts for professional trombonists! "
~ Mike Humphrey
Professional trombone player & recording artist

"Trombone Page of the World is by far the most thorough, up to date, and one stop source for everything trombone!"
~ Eric Stoneking

"Thanks for your time and effort - Keep it up !"
~ John Helmer

"Thanks for the great site!"
~ Kevin Bradley
Los Angeles trombonist, studio and live music

"It is impressive what my friend Rene Laanen and his partners are doing. I think for more then 10 years Rene spent a lot of his time making the trombone-usa database. Now he comes to a point to go a step further. A gift for all the free time he spent. Great job Rene, I wish you all the very best."
~ Marcel Schot
Music (brass) Atelier Pfeiffer, The Hague, Netherlands

"Thanks for the greatest trombone resource on line. You've done a fantastic job of uniting the trombone community. Thanks for your hard work"
~ Dean Hubbard
Artist/Clinician for Getzen Trombones

"A very important community. Bravo!"
~ Ruben Rodriguez Ferreira
Colombian Trombonist, Band Leader, Teacher, Composer, Arranger, YAMAHA Clinician for Colombia and South America.

"Great Web page and a terrific resource for trombone players around the world, I appreciate all of the help for myself and all trombonists!"
~ Andy Martin

"This is my first visit to your site and what a great surprise! I've enjoyed reading about so many great trombonists- some of whome are friends and collegues but most of whome are unfortunatly not. Keep up the good work!"
~ Peter Davies
One of Londons busiest session trombonists.

"Great resource!"
~ John Nave
Bass trombonist, tenor trombonist, composer, arranger, published Sjaj Suncece Suncano through Tuba-Euphonium Press, entry in Tuba Source Book.

"Thank you for your hard work, René. Best wishes,"
~ Adam Mewherter
Atlanta trombonist and educator

"Great website! "
~ Bob Hunt
English trombonist, arranger, composer. Occasional cornettist. Specialist in the "plunger" technique employed by Ellington's Joe Nanton.

"Great site! - Thanks for the mention!"
~ Raoul De Souza
Jazz trombonist, Brazil

"Thank you for the great amount of time and effort you have put into your site, it is a wonderful resource!"
~ John Wolf
Freelance Trombonist, Rock Hill, MO

"Trombone-USA offers the most thorough collection of in-depth trombone information that I've encountered on the web. Players of all levels, and fans of all ages now have a great place to access every important detail concerning our favorite instrument. This site is undoubtedly the finest of its kind."
~ John Fedchock
New York Jazz Trombonist, Band Leader, Composer, Arranger, Clinician

"A great resource to the world-wide community of trombonists!"
~ Sharman King
Freelance bass trombonist, member of Vancouver Opera Orchestra, Canada

"Your website is very impressive and very useful! Congratulations on your work!"
~ Michael Powell
Trombonist, American Brass Quintet

"My compliments for your new beautiful site! "
~ Eitan Bezalel
Primo Trombone, Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Italy

"This site is a must for all trombone players"
~ Stuart Hall
Brass Band trombonist, arranger, trainer and conductor.

"This is a fantastic tool for trombonists of all ages! There is a wealth of knowledge about so many of the greatest trombonists to ever live! I highly recommend this site to all musicians!"
~ Scott Bliege
trombonist, arranger,composer, studio and road musician.

"I am really honored to be included amongst such an impressive array of so wonderful trombonist."
~ Hugo Magliocco
Past President of the ITA

"Congratulations Rene with your site! A wonderful resource on the net."
~ Marc Godfroid

"It's a terrific site, great job!"
~ Daniel De Kok
Philadelphia trombonist, teacher, church musician

"Thank you for doing this web page!!!! It is a boon to everyone in the "trombone-world". "
~ Samuel Schlosser

"Thank you for all the work you do in the creationa nd maintenence of this site."
~ David Beatty
Los Angeles tromonist, educator, copyist, studio musician

"This is terrific idea and helps us to have a common connecting point. Thanks to René Laanen for his interest and expertise in arranging this resource for us. Thank you for including me. "
~ Michael Chandler
Apple Valey, CA

"Rene, thank you again for ther work you do for the benefit of everyone else. "
~ Andy Malloy
Los Angels CA.

"The website is beautiful. I'm happy to be a part of the trombone-usa family!"
~ Sammy Nestico
Legendary composer, arranger, educator, band leader, orchestrator, song writer and author

"Thanks for a wonderful site! It has everything a trombone entusiast needs in one place! I'm proud to be included among such great bone players!"
~ Tom Garling
Trombonist, Composer, Arranger, Clinician

"What a great resource!"
~ James Kazik
Composer, arranger, copyist, orchestrator, trombonist.

"This site is an incredible gift to the worldwide trombone community!"
~ Wayne Branco
Boston area trombonist, co-leader of the Branco / Stamas Big Band

"Your website is outstanding; thanks for all your hard work!"
~ William Harris
Principal Trombone Syracuse Symphony Orchestra, Syracuse, NY

"This new site is even better!...Kudos to all your efforts!"
~ Brian Gilbert
Northern IN trombonist, improv.-soloist, freelance...

"This is the most comprehensive directory of trombonists I have seen anywhere, very professional"
~ John Ingman

"Thanks for a great Site."
~ Walt Boenig

"Thank you again so much and congratulations on such a beautiful site!"
~ Brent Wallarab

"Rene, GREAT to have the website back in action again. Really is a wonderful spot to both learn and enjoy what you have put together for the trombonists of the world."
~ Ron Nethercutt
Professor, Angles City, Philippines

I like the idea that there is an international trombone brotherhood. I have gained useful insight into several players from scanning though your listings and recordings. Thank you for adding me to your list!
~ Joe Gil
Brooklyn, New York

The work you are doing on this website is greatly appreciated by trombone players everywhere including myself. Keep up the great work!!
~ Peter Hysen
London, Ontario, Canada

This is a tremendous service to trombonists from all parts of the globe. THANKS!
~ Dave Glenn
Director of Jazz Studies and professor of low brass at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington

Great job and thanks for all you do for the “tromboning” world!
~ Joe Jackson
Jazz trombonist, arranger and bandleader

Thanks so much for all of your hard work on the trombone web page!
~ Brian Pastor

Lead Trombone and Musical Director of the Brian Pastor Big Band, Philadelphia, PA

Nice job, Rene. Thanks!
Tom Izzo
Principal Trombonist, Bristol Renaissance Faire; Bass Trombonist, West Suburban Symphony Orchestra; Founding Director, The Naperville Area Trombone Ensemble

The site looks great. Nice job!
~ Morty Trautman

Thanks and great job!
~ Steve Wilson
Associate Professor, Music
University of Texas at El Paso

Your web site is very impressive!
~ Paul Hunt
Past President International Trombone Association

Thanx for all your work for the "Trombone World"
Dave "Stumpy" Steinmeyer

Thanks for all the great work you have done over the years. Love the site!
~ Eric Pettine
All About Jazz Contributor

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